Thursday, 20 January 2011

18 July 2003. Sydney - Hornsby, 44km

Arriving in Sydney after a long but not uncomfortable flight (the food on Emirates is always good!), I found myself completely out of sync with everything.  I tried to stay awake during the day, only to end up falling asleep and then being awake half the night.  I spent three or four days there, walking around the centre, cycling around some of the many bays that make up the harbour, and buying a few things that I would need.  Finally, I loaded up my bike and headed out of the city.  The first day cycling was one to forget - it was almost 12.00 when I started pedalling, and by 15.00 I had only covered 27 miles and dusk was stating to fall.  Leaving the city had been a nightmare - heavy traffic, so many hills and a lack of detailed maps of the suburbs meant that when I wasn't moving forwards slowly I was going back the way I had come in search of another alternative.  Despite this, the feeling of being on the road at last in this huge country was exhilarating.  People I asked for directions were helpful and friendly, and one conversation in particular brought home to me the fact that I was finally on my way:
Man walking dog; "Where you going, around Australia?"
Me; "Yes!"
Man; "Really?"
Me; "Yes!!"
Man; "Are you really going round on a bike?"
Me; "Yes!!!"

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